Billie 117014 Pit Bull Terrier Adult Female in Belle Center, Missouri

My story
Billie is a 3-5 yr old pit bull. She is loose and wiggly. She comes when called but does not stay next to her person without interaction. Billie is high energy so this gal would need lots of playtime. Billies pulls on a leash but with some basic obedience training, this could easily be resolved. Billie is food motivated. She knows the sit, Shake, Stay, and come command. Billie is intensely interested in cats in a shelter atmosphere.

Dogs are generally tested with dogs of their own size; and dog meets with the resident dogs are always encouraged. Our cat test should be used as a general purpose screening only to rule out overt aggression; we always recommend caution when introducing dogs to cats in the home. Recommendation on suitability of placement with children by their ages is based on behavioral observations including energy level and response to body handling. We never recommend leaving young children unsupervised with dogs, and we cannot guarantee the behavior of dogs with children, other pets or cats. Behavior evaluations should be considered as a snapshot of the behavior of the dog at this point in time; JHS believes all dog families need to be prepared to invest time and energy into training as well as provide common sense management of their new dog. We always encourage family to do some research on the breeds or mixes of breeds prior to adoption as many can have some unique characteristics that may or may not fit into their families. For more information about this dog or any others at our Shelter, please visit We are the Joplin Humane Society in Joplin, Missouri. 417–623–3642

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